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Total Exterior Cleaning

Making your commercial building look fresh and tidy is one of the easiest ways to make your customers love you and what you do. Keeping an eye on your establishment’s appearance and maintaining its cleanliness will form an opinion on people’s heads that you care about them. 

With Carolina Clean, rest assured that your building is in safe hands. Our Commercial Pressure Washing Service is everything you need to make sure your business’ exterior is inviting and hazard-free! From the roof to the floor, we can clean it for you!

For a free estimate on your residential or commercial pressure washing project, call us today at (919)391-4069!

Trusted & Recommended

We have been providing our services for decades. We assure you that we can make your property spotlessly clean. These are a few of the organizations that consider us to be the best in the industry.

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Our priority is to deliver top-quality cleaning to your home

Brighten Up Your Establishment's Exterior With Our Professional Commercial Pressure Washing

Why Commercial Pressure Washing

There are so many exterior cleaning services available out there. However, they’re mostly too specific and locked into single-item projects only. Opting for these individual services is impractical and will cost you more than what’s necessary. It’s like buying packets of candy instead of buying a whole jar!

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Solution is an all-in-one service that cleans everything applicable using a pressure washer. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also have to deal with just one service provider — stress-free experience.

We have over ten years of experience, making us knowledgeable and efficient at doing what we do! We know just the right setting for cleaning brick walls, limestone finishes, wood, metal, and other types of surfaces. Our priority is to clean without leaving any scratch, dent, or chip. Rest assured that your commercial establishment is in good hands!

Best Commercial Pressure Washing Service
Best Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Our Happy Clients

We welcome all feedback as it helps to not only drive our business, but is instrumental for other potential clients. Here are a few comments that some of our customers have mentioned about our services.
What to Expect at Carolina Clean?

Carolina Clean Is Always:

We are on time, always. We understand that your time is just as valuable as hours, which is why we are never late for any project – big or small!

We prioritize your safety. You, your kids, your plants, and everything dear to you is in our minds. We use eco-friendly detergents to keep you healthy and safe. Moreover, we always keep an eye on things that are fragile and remove them out of the way.

We finish on time. When we say we can do it within a day, we keep our word.

We don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. We love to see you smile. Our happiness relies on how happy you are with our cleaning performance.

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Our priority is to deliver top-quality cleaning to your home

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We get things done ASAP. After you receive a quote and schedule for our pressure washing services, it only takes a couple of hours to complete.


We have the best pressure washing tools and detergents out there. Regardless of what you want to be cleaned, we can do it for you without any problem.


We have years of experience. We know the right technique and equipment setting to provide the best results without damaging anything in your property.

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All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a like new home as we do the cleaning.

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Our priority is to deliver top-quality cleaning to your home


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